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The Organisation Daiichi Sankyo

[eb_page_meta]Daiichi Sankyo is a global pharmaceutical company with its corporate origin in Japan. Established in 2006 by the merger of two 100-year-old Japanese pharmaceutical companies, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. inherited a rich legacy of innovation, integrity and accountability.

The Brief [eb_page_title]

Sales is really changing from relationship building to information deliveryCorey Ackerman, Cornerstone Search Group

The rep-driven sales force arms race had come to an end and the pharmaceutical sales model needed to change. And with it, this pharmaceutical giant needed a new engagement strategy.

The focus had to change from that of relationship building to one of information delivery, communicating the benefits and risks of adopting specific products and their differentials from one another.

This required a whole different set of tools at the reps disposal, where information was tailored towards  individual engagements, content was served up based on the individual needs and interests of the audience. All all this needed to be analysed, conceptualised and built, fast!

This article is deliberately abstract and devoid of project specifics as knowledge of its nature and outcome, whilst not covered by disclosure, could still provide advantages within an industry valued in the billions of dollars.

The preparation

Vision & Iteration

The product vision required input from multiple agencies stateside with each agency catering for an individual aspect of the project and all tied together through the application. Product features were captured and groomed into semi-granular requirements and from this ultra-high level concepts were drafted.

Interation and Refactoring

The product went through several iterations in the early stages, sometimes existing for little longer than it took to sketch, photograph and circulate.

Example tablet wireframes


The results

Mindmapping the solution

Ipad Examples