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The Organisation Astellas

[eb_page_meta]Astellas Pharmaceuticals is today one of the biggest pharmaceutal in the world. Astellas’ franchise areas are urology, immunology (transplantation), dermatology, cardiology, and infectious disease. Priority areas for R&D are infectious diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, oncology, and diseases of the central nervous system.

The Venue 27th Annual EAU Congress

The EAU organises some of Europe’s most respected scientific urological congresses and meetings. The Annual EAU Congress attracts a record number of more than 12,000 delegates each year!

In 2012, the congress was being hosted by the beautiful city of Paris – home to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and around the corner from there, the best curry house I’d ever come across, “le Palais de Raja-Maharaja”

The Brief  [eb_page_title]

The brief was to produce a task-orientated SAAS application that would serve as the primary information platform and knowledge base for exhibit delegates. The secondary purpose was to drive enhanced and informed conversations between Astellas representatives and delegates whilst also providing a soft introduction relevant to delegate medical specialty thereby prompting further conversations.

As Head of Product Development @ Photosound, I was provided the over-arching strategic direction and oversaw the full concept to development and delivery cycle.

The Preparation


The exhibition played host to a wide variety of activities, seminars, keynote talks and other areas of subject matter and general interest. These had to be categorised based on location, date and time and activity in order to generate a seamless flow of information and learning objectives for individual attendees based on their individual interests. This formed the core information, surrounding this was a cloud of additional splinter interests designed to further enhance engagement activities between their peers and the company representatives; usually involving alcohol.



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Initial wireframes were created at a very high level and went through several quick iterative stages both internally and with the client before being fleshed out to the final (shown) state.

Repurposing modules

During the initial wire framing process, we were able to highlight functional aspects of the design that were repeated throughout the application. These logically formed the basis for independent modules that could be repurposed. These became the building blocks for larger modules throughout with look’n’feel inherited from the parent or independently set by the CSS.

The Results

Production Visuals

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